Monday, March 5, 2007

NOLA Bound!

Less than a week before we leave and we just got our assignment from the Student Hurricane Network: we’re going to New Orleans! The Student Hurricane Network (SHN) is a completely student-created, nationwide group of students who have placed delegations from over 70 law schools in volunteer placements assisting survivors of Hurricane Katrina. We begin our project on March 12, with 400 other students from law schools across the country. This will be the first delegation of students from Hastings to volunteer in the Gulf Region.

The past two months have been a real whirlwind for Hastings Hurricane Relief. We began only three months ago, in December, and have raised about $3500 since then. In a frenzy of activity, we raised money while providing educational opportunities. At our first event, fellow students proved that they care about pro bono activities created by students. The next week was more educational; we screened the first act of Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke and featured a panel of informed and inspiring speakers from Golden Gate University, the Equal Justice Society, the Employment Law Society, and our very own Professor Prince. In-between all of this activity, we called and emailed alumni who might be interested in attending the events. Along with faculty, alumni contributed to the project the most, bringing the total amount of funds available to make this happen to $3500!

As someone who is entirely dependent on student financial aid, I must admit that the generosity of our fellow students, faculty, alumni, and friends have made something possible that otherwise would not be available to me or my fellow HHR members. The group truly appreciates your support, in whatever form it manifests. Simply reading our humble blog supports our efforts by letting us know that the greater community is paying attention to the crisis in the Gulf region and is interested in seeing Hastings students contribute to a solution.

Thank you!

- Rebecca Green

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Rebecca Green said...

Since that posting, we received a generous $500 donation, putting us over $4100!
Also, the UC Hastings bookstore was kind enough to donate polo shirts and t-shirts so we can proudly represent Hastings while we conduct our work. A photo of us will be posted soon!

Thank you!