Monday, March 5, 2007

Project Information

We got our project placement information earlier today, and we will be working on the:

FEMA Survey Project!

"This is an ambitious project in which over 150 students are
going to attempt to interview residents in FEMA trailers all over
New Orleans in order to identify their legal issues. We will
also being trying to connect them to already existing services
that they may not know about.

SUB-PROJECT: One of the secondary goals of this survey project is
to track the conditions of New Orleans through "objective indicators"
(non-functioning stoplights, closed stores, etc). This project
requires more driving, less interviewing, and an interest in plotting
locations on maps.

A lack of information is one of the principal problems behind connecting
people to legal aid and services and developing effective solutions.
I can't tell you how important this project is and how personal it will
be to hear the stories and walk the neighborhoods of people who are still

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